Thursday, January 21, 2010

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

Well my galore' jewelry lovers,

I am now officially tweeting. As of last week, I starting learning the "art" of the tweet. It seems simple enough, really it does. But, it's time consuming to say the least. As with anything else, you must (or i do, anyway)stay with it till you get it down. I'm still with it, til I get it down.
I went onto the etsy forum sites to find "help" with my problem. I had not sold anything from my 'etsy site ' since I started the dad gum thing. People were saying, "you might as well not be on there if your not going to sell anything; it just takes up time!" Well, they were right. It does take time. Drying your hair takes time too, but you got to do it if you want to look presentable.
So, the forum, "blogs of help" in etsy that I came up with..."What Am I Doin Wrong?"...triggered lots of answers and guidelines. So many people said to go to twitter and social network and market, market, market, anyway, I did. I opened a twitter account and off I went. First, I plugged in the "buzz" words like, "arts and crafts, sewing, cooking", and so on. I "followed" everyone I could get my mouse on and then people started following me. It was amazing. In a few short days, I had nearly 300 followers. Then, I started advertising and saying things like..." drug of choice," then add a link to a bracelet or earrings or something like that. Well, the views in my etsy shop started doubling, then more views and so on, and so on.
The first week I was on twitter, I sold a pair of earrings! A couple of days later...I've sold a bracelet! No more showcases for me baby, they have been useless up to right now. I'm not giving them up completely...I'm just sayin! There's no sense in me buying a showcase that produces nothing. You advertise for sells, right?
So, in conclusion, tweeting has been extremely successful for me and I'm going to keep doing it! Grant it, it takes a lot of time on the computer, but time management is key. And if it works for me right now, then that's what I'm going to do right now. Later on down the road, I'll probably have to change to something else. Change is inevitable. But for now, twitter is my friend. This computer world is changing everyday, what comes next...we can only imagine.




  1. Sandi, reading your blog tells me we're about on the same page re Etsy and Twitter! My Etsy sales have been flat since summer, no matter how many treasuries I make or get in. Stopped going on the forums a while back, because I think it's mostly an echo chamber.

    Twitter has hugely increased my blog traffic. Now I'm going to start putting in little hints here and there to look at my Etsy shops. Don't want to be too pushy about it, though. People will unfollow you.

    I can't wait to meet you in person. Did I see somewhere that you do the art walks? I haven't been yet but will as soon as it gets warm enough to get out there again.

    Congratulations on your Twitter success!!

    Martha @colorpoetry on Twitter

  2. wow, great information, it's nice to hear that twittering is working for you! that might be something i need to get back into, i'm awful at it right now.