Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby Logan...our little miracle child

Well, this began on or around the end of January. First of all, I was stuck at home in Alabama with pneumonia.

Naomi, our daughter who lives in Dallas, was due on or around February 2nd, her midwife said. As the date got closer, the midwife changed the due date to the middle of January. Anyway, Na went into early labor around the first of Feb and got sent home. She went into labor again, sent home. Then weeks later, her water breaks, and she got sent home for 2 days and told not to come back untill the labor pains are 5 mins apart. OK, she then goes in to the "birthing center" and stays for more than a day. Finally, Na decided to go to the hospital and they took her straight for an emergency C section.

Logan was born 20 minutes and gray, not breathing, and with the cord wrapped around his little neck three times. He was immediatly given CPR and intubated. They grabbed him up and rushed him to Cook's Children's Hospital in Ft Worth, Tx. He was put on a respirator, tubes, and everything. That night, after prayer chains were going all over the country, he started breathing on his on, his color was back, and the innitial MRI showd no brain damage. Within hours God saved this baby boy!

He continues to do well, as they both came home from their respective hospitals this past weekend.

I give all the glory to God.

No one can know what is going to happen in this world from day to day or even hour to hour. So many thing are thrown at us from the Devil constantly! I've been thrown alot of things lately and don't know why. But I'm learning that there are a lot of things I need to do and change in my life right now!

Anyway, i thank all you wonderful people for your prayers and for the prayers for me while I'm still sick, and for my mother who had a heart attack thru all of this and my father who fell three times since I've seen them, and is very ill himself. I try to take care of my folks who live in Tenneesse, but havn't seen them in weeks. Pray for our continued recoveries!

1John 4:4


  1. Wow...that just touches my Mommy heart! I am so thankful that God intervened for your family...I'm in shock that they sent her home after her water broke...that just seems absolutely negligent! Wow...thank God for this little miracle man...He must have great things in store for his life!

  2. When our path in life becomes difficult and rocky it is a comfort to know that we are never alone. He watches over us and somehow, through it all, we emerge wiser and stronger than before.
    Your precious grandson, Logan, is an absolute cherub. Glad all is well with him.