Thursday, November 24, 2011

Free Gift With Purchase!

Yes, it's that time again! With any purchase at you will recieve a pair of 12mm "cotton pearl" Czech glass earrings for free! These are lovely for you to keep or as a gift! These earrings normally sale for 18.00 on line, but you can have them for free! One pair per household & completed order, please! This promotion goes through the end of the year and is good only @ the etsy site!

Friday, November 11, 2011

To Have A Website On Etsy...Or Not

You know with all the millions of artist out there now, is it a good idea for me, galore' jewelry, to even be on etsy? I'm starting to think, no. I don't know if it is advantageous for me as a jewelry maker and designer to put myself out there anymore. I have not sold anything on the website for about a year now and am only using the site as a meeting place for customers to see my jewelry. I do better at my shows and things like that there. I think I am taking up too much time on the site and taking pics and uploading and all that just to put my jewelry on a site where anyone who has my card can go find jewelry somewhere else. So, at this point, I am no longer putting new items on the etsy page and will probably close the site after Christmas.
I will however, starting after the first of the year, place more emphasis on the blog site! So, look for daily updates on my blog page! I will have more time to spend on the blog page now that all my waking moments will not be spent on

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autumn Leaves

I asoluteley love this time of year watching all the leaves change into their delicate lacy colors of gold, red, purple, orange, and burgandy! The Tennessee Valley is so alive with rich foliage! Here are some pics!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fringe, Feathers, & Tassels...Oh, My!

On the way home from the fairre, it hit me hard again! I've got to finish the fringe work on "those necklaces" that are still sitting on my work bench. This is the biggest trend right now for fall and winter. I love anything in leather and copper chain, so together I am making all the tassels and fringe this way! Look for these new pieces of art on my website @ and my facebook page @ galore' jewelry.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Renassaince Fairre Time

It's that time again for the wonderful fairre of the "royals" to get out amongst the people. We have fun at these events! You never know what or who you will see! "Jack Sparrow" and "Queen Elizabeth" were out walking about all the people, yesterday. Today, the 'Oracle'was giving advice to just about everyone, as was the 'fortune teller' reading her tarot cards.

Galore' Jewelry was there full force showing off all the new Winter 2011 Czech Glass Pearls line that were made in '20's throughout all the collection. These pearls look just like the 'cotton pearls' that were made in Japan, before WW2. They are absolutely lovely and the laquer is of outstanding quality. Check these out at

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Colors For Winter 2011 Collection

I've returned from the gem show in Nashville and look at all the colors I found! The bright colors for Spring 2012 are going to be yellow, grass green, bright royal blue! Yellow is going to be BIG!! I have a lot of things to make now! I'm going to be going to Dallas durring Thanksgiving to visit the Dallas Market Hall to get more! Here are the colors!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Purple Passion

Winter is right around the corner now as the fall leaves start turning beautiful colors all around the Tennessee Valley. So, I've noticed a resurgence of the color purple. I absolutely adore this deep rich flavor! So, as far as the galore' line for Winter 2011, we will see lots of the savory blends of the color purple!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Fall 2011 galore' jewelry Shows

Hey all, it's been a long hot summer here in Northern Alabama and I'm so glad it's over!  Now, that there is a crispness in the air and it feels good outside again, all the fall shows are starting up.  Here is my list of shows for you to come and see all the new line of galore' jewelry.

First Fridays' Downtown Florence
THE galore-mobile!
every first Friday of each Month
Court Street, in front of Rosie's Cantina

Mars Hill Punkin Patch
Mars Hill Bible School
Friday and Saturday
Oct 14 and 15
all day

Renaissance Fairre
Downtown Florence, Al
Wilson Park
Saturday and Sunday
Oct 23 and 24
all day

Fourth Thursdays
Downtown Tuscumbia, Al
Thursday Oct 27
5-9 pm

First Fridays Downtown Florence
Court St, in front of Rosie's Cantina
Dec 2
5 - 9 pm

Shoal's Flea Market
Shoal's Fairgrounds
Dec 16, 17, & 18th
all day

galore' Trunk Show
Lucinda's House
Nov 10
6-9 pm

Shoal's Flea Market
Oktoberfest in St Florian
Shoal's Fair Grounds
Nov 18, 19, & 20th
all day

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Is Still Here...

Ahhh, the confines of summer.  It is still hot and sweltering here in Alabama, but we just keep pressing on towards the goal!  We have had a great summer at the shows and our first Friday events.  I'm looking forward to the upcoming fall festivals that we are gearing up towards now!  God has been so good and faithful to both John and me.  John is getting stronger and moving along since "the accident" it's just amazing what the Lord has done!  John is back at work full time now and he seems unscathed from the fall at this point! 

I thank God for each and everyday He gives us, and for all our friends who prayed for us.  Thank you!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Artfire vs. Etsy...Tell Me What YOU Think!

Artfire Is The Way To Go!

Well, etsians and artfire...ians, I believe I have figured out that I like Artfire much better. 
1. It is less expensive.
2.  It doesn't cost to list an item.
3. The forum is easier to work with, and so many people will talk to you and NOT be stuck up!
4. Artfire peeps are mostly crafters.
5. The process of listing does not take as long.
6.  You get 8 pictures to showcase instead of 5.

Anyway,   you have a referal program that is really neat.

blue slab cut quartz crystal on artfire only!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The VINTAGE Earbob Ring

I wanted to do something with my grandmothers' old 50's and 60's clip earrings, so I came up with the idea I wanted to wear them somehow.  Since I really took off making rings out of just about everything in the last couple of years, I thought, why not?  So, I started making them and they really turned out cute!  People started wanting vintage so much, so I went out and started buying old jewelry up!

The Vintage Earbob Ring was born!  So, if you see anymore poping up somewhere out there, just know, I started this craze!!!! I can believe that, anyway!  Love u, san!

Friday, May 20, 2011

I've Gone Gypsy

 Well, I've gone gypsy...
And I've found old keys, old chandelier glass, old copper chain, tassels...
Check out
Find old keys, vintage chandelier drops, charms, vintage smoky crystals, leather, copper chains, and more here:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

UPDATE - John Reed Recovery From Accident

Well, John Reed is still doing fine from the accident.  We have found a few other problems in his right arm.  He still has not got the strength in his arm and cannot lift it over his head, but he is still working now a couple of days a week.  The doctor just keeps telling us he can't believe how great he is healing up!

John and Hope at First Fridays Booth
John at our booth First Fridays in Florence, Al

That's MY GOD!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

John Reed's Accident

Well, my friends and family...
        On April 18, at 4:00pm, John fell off a two and a half story building.  He came home with blood all over him and walked into my studio and said "I fell."  I started cleaning him up while he explained what had happened.  As we were getting him washed up and new clothes put on, his body started getting stiffer and more pain was becoming evident, by his lack of breathing.  So, i told him we need to go to the hospital.  Through his constant refusal and non-compliant remarks, and my threats to calling "all the men of the church to throw him into the car," we went to the hospital.  We waited for 6 hours in ER for test and blood work until the doctor finally told us,  "well, you have 9 broken ribs, and 5 of those are broke twice, and a punctured lung."  Our mouths dropped open as the doctor continued to tell us that John will be admitted for several days, as we watch for pneumonia to set in, recover times of 3 to 6 months, and probably will have to put a chest tube in.
         Right then, I started praying and I called for the church to pray.  I called my sister, cousin, mother and daddy, and Brother Bob and Tammy.  That is when God really started His work.  John is a very strong man and has worked hard all of his life in construction.  He has never had a major accident or anything like this, so it was hard keeping him down.  He is a very upbeat and encouraged individual.  So, when the healing starting coming fast,  I was not surprised.  The doctors were, though. 
        They just kept saying, he has amazing and fast healing.  John did not have a chest tube put in, his lung injury closed up in 3 days.  He had no evident of sickness or pneumonia, just pain in the ribs, no other broken bones were found.  His leg swelled up 4 days later and so we looked for clots, but none were found.  He got out of the hospital 10 days later, walking out...Alive!  The doctors say its amazing!  He is still in pain from the ribs, but he has already gone back to work a couple days a week.

         That is what God has done for us lately,  and I know he will continue to take care of us!  I thank my Lord every day for the miracles I see...every day, just in John.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That Loud POP Is Spring!

The "girls" working hard
Awww, Spring 2011 is officially here in Northern Alabama when I here the "pop" throughout my little studio, suggesting that I just got hit by lightning.  No worries this time, just a flick of a switch, and I'm back on again.  God in all His glory is really showing off tonight with the dark royal blues peeking in and out of brightest of white streaked flashes.  It is truly beautiful to see.

John Reed, my boy!
So,  spring is here and here are my shows coming up:

First Fridays Downtown Florence, Al.
Every first Friday night 4 - 9
@Rosie's coner
Look 4 my new PINK sign!

Arts Alive
May 15 and 16th (all day)
Downtown @ Wilson Park
Florence, Al

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

By The Pond

Electric Blue Ring
Oh, how I cannot wait till springtime!  As the winds blow and the rains pour down outside my window at this very moment,  I'm thinking of gentle times and sitting by a pond in the cool shade, listening to all the chirps and sounds close by.  Mmmmmmm, won't be long now!

Here is the treasury list I've made.  Please go by and leave your comment!  It is a spring challenge of Teamcac!
lov, san

the Pearl Ring for Spring 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Red, Cream, and Turquoise

Red, Cream, and Turquoise
Red, Cream, and Turquoise by galoregirl featuring suede pumps

I absolutely love these colors together! Go bold with turquoise brights this Spring 2011!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pearls For Spring Anyone?

Well, Iv'e pulled out some old beads to mix with the new pearls and faceted glass beads and black chain to make one of my  collections for spring.  Sounds a little "Madonna-ish"?  I know, I a huge fan, I love to dance to her music!  Anyway,  here's a few pieces from the pearl collection!  Most of this can be found at my Artfire shop here:

Lov, lov!