Saturday, January 16, 2010

How To Make Simple French Hooks

1. First, cut the wire to the length of your pointing finger. Just a simple measurement.

2. Then make a loop to start.

3. Then file the other end

4. Then start the loop on the jig. Jig is facing you with nails up front. the first nail to the left, and loop around to the inside of the second nail on the right, and pull back slightly. I made this jig with just two nails and a center post. (i had bought this seed beed "thingy" to load your beads onto a needle. ) Never used it so...I added nails to it to make earwires and Now I use it! U can make a jig out of 2 x 4s or whatever. They have them online too at etsy. U can find ear wire patterns online too.

5. Then, hammer at the very top loop, just to temper, and your ear wire is made. It's that simple. you can play with the design once u get the basics down.

These are very simple to make.

I use 20 gauge half hard round. You can use this in sterling or copper or whatever u can find this temper in.

OK, go do it! God Bless!


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