Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The VINTAGE Earbob Ring

I wanted to do something with my grandmothers' old 50's and 60's clip earrings, so I came up with the idea I wanted to wear them somehow.  Since I really took off making rings out of just about everything in the last couple of years, I thought, why not?  So, I started making them and they really turned out cute!  People started wanting vintage so much, so I went out and started buying old jewelry up!

The Vintage Earbob Ring was born!  So, if you see anymore poping up somewhere out there, just know, I started this craze!!!! I can believe that, anyway!  Love u, san!


  1. They'er beautiful - how clever of you.

  2. TY! I had to do something with my grandmother and aunts small collection I got, then I thot well, u kno, their r more peeps out there that wud prolly like these! So...