Sunday, November 29, 2009

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Girl's Nite Out" event at Mariott Shoals

I just want to thank everyone who came to the show at the Mariott Shoals Hotel on Tuesday nite for "Girl's Nite Out" as everyone had a great time. This was an event to chair for the childrens miracle network and I believe the Butler Studio did a fantastic job! Thnaks to Cindy and her staff for a wonderful time. Here are some photos:

Cleaning Sterling Silver galore' Jewelry

Tips For Cleaning "Signature Collection" of galore'
Hello all,This is just some tips to help keep your signature galore' jewelry clean.When you purchase a galore' jewelry signature piece, you will need to take some care to keep your wearable art work clean and safe for years and years of enjoyment.

1. Always keep your galore' jewelry safe in a jewelry box or padded jewelry clutch.
2. When cleaning you galore' jewelry, use warm lightly soapy water. One drop of Ivory white soap(dish liquid or comparable) to cup of warm water.
3. Dip your jewelry into sudsy water and swish gently for about 5-10 minutes.
4. Take out and run under cool water with jewelry in your hand and hang on to it so it doesn't fall into sink and break.
5. Pat dry with towel and air dry about 30 minutes.This will help get rid of the oils and things like that from your body, and will keep your jewelry clean.

Always store your galore' jewelry in a jewelry box that is treated with anti-tarnish finish or you can store sterling silver in plastic bags to help keep tarnish down.For copper see my blog on how to keep copper...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Wire Wrapping Techniques

This is wire hand turning to make a necklace.

1. Start with wire cut to the length twice as long as the bead you are going to chain.

2. Grab the wire and turn until the tail of the wire it makes a backwards "L".

3. Wrap the tail around onto itself to about twice and cut excess tail off.

4. Place bead onto the wire.

5. Wrap the end around the top of the bead into a loop and wrap excess and trim.

6. Continue until you hve completed the bead and chaining, add clasp.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Copper Jewelry - How to Clean and Keep

Hello Jewelry Lovers!

Well, since copper is my drug of choice, I thought it best to tell you how to clean and keep your copper jewelry for years to come!
Here's is an excerpt from the lady that I buy my copper wire, she is really smart:

Solid Copper Jewelry Wire, Half Hard, Round, 22ga, 32.5 feet.

This wire is glossy and shiny, but will patina like copper normally does. This wire is natural and has not been treated with a coating to keep it tarnish free, though it is highly polished and glossy. If you want to maintain it's bright appearance, just dip into a vinegar/salt solution of about 1/2 c. vinegar and a teaspoon of salt mixed together. This is an affordable, safe, Earth-friendly copper cleaner that works wonders! :) If needed, follow up by polishing with a Sunshine Polishing cloth, which I also sell. You can also let it patina naturally until it becomes a nice chocolate caramel walnut color - yum!

find her at:

Monday, November 2, 2009

galore' jewelry Holiday Schedule

Thursday, October 29, 2009

On The Road Again...schedule of events!!!

Hey jewelry lovers'
I'm starting on the road again Here's my schedule:

Nov 6th - downtown Florence for First Friday's 5pm to ?

Nov 14th - Saturday - all day - St Joseph Catholic Church Holiday Bazaar - downtown Florence, Al.

Nov 17th - Tuesday nite - Girl's Night Out - Florence Mariott Shoals Hotel 5pm to 9pm

Nov 20, 21 - Grace Community @ Pettersville Community Center - Friday and Saturday - all day both days

December 4th and 5th
- Friday and Saturday - 9am to 9pm both days - Cullman Arts and Crafts - Cullman Civic Center
find web data here:
Decemember 16th thru Jan 16th - FT MYERS FLORIDA - check for dates and where I will be.

How To Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Friday, October 23, 2009

How do I clean my galore' jewelry?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions.
It depends on what exactly do u have. Is it sterling, turquoise, gold or pearls?

Here are some answers:

Sterling Silver:
Most sterling silver pieces require lots of active polishing to keep that shiny exterior glowing, but eventually sterling will slightly dull or "gray". For the most part, your jewelry can be polished with a silver cleaning cloth.

I have also used this for most of my pearls(freshwater or shell) that is mixed with sterling. I place joy detergent in with warm water (just sudsey) and let the jewelry soak for about 15 minutes. Run thru with cool water and pat dry. This will give the sterling a little more shine and the pearls are lustereus again.

Now with copper, I love the color it ages to after a while of wearing it. A nice rich walnuty color is achieved for solid copper. You can dip this into warm soapy water (Joy detergent) for about 10 minutes and then run with clear cool water and pat dry. This will clean the grunge off, if there is any.

I've been making jewelry for about 15 years now and most of my peices have been in soapy water with no damage to them at all. Just be sure not to let your porus material sit in water to long, more that 10 minutes or so. They can loose their "glassy" look. (This is more true of the newest turquoise.) But most of my jewelry can take a washing and do great. I've really had no complaints since 1995 when cleaning my jewelry. Just enjoy all the new colors of turquoise! Just know that, yes these are enhanced with color. (in other words, it is dyed) But, I love all the newest colors of turquoise, cuz it is still real!

galore' jewelry is in "The Pink Rose" downtown Florence, Al

Hey all,
I now have a location u can go to see my galore' jewelry in person, when u can't visit me on the road. It's in a cute little boutique downtown Florence, Alabama at 222 Court St. She has all kinds of purses , clothing and home decor too! Go see Misty today and tell her I sent U! She is open Tuesday thru Saturdays 10am - 530pm.
Thanks and God bless u!