Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm torching in 2010!

Hey jewelry lovers,
Well, this year I'm learning a new skill. That's right, I'm getting torched! NO, not that way...I'm learning myself to your the torch and soldering some new items this year! I've been wanting to go in a new direction, for some fresh items...so God told me to get going. Get out of your slump and start a fresh new skill.

So, look out rainbow, no more laying around on mommy's desk. I'm afraid u might get hurt. Acetylene...here I come! I will still be cold forging items, look for a lot more sterling pieces too. Mixed metals will still be strong in the "metal collection" as well as lots of copper. I told you copper would be big!

Pics to follow...it will be awhile, but look for demo videos too!


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