Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Making Designer Displays for Arts & Crafts Fairs

The 'girls' at First Fridays in Florence, Alabama downtown,  they love showin' off!

It's getting that time again.  I always get new and exciting ideas for updating the displays, that I have, about this time of year.  Since we are between shows and seasons, I look at my displays and think, what can I do next to show off my jewelry more.  Well, I'm still going to use my "girls" since they have been with me for quite some time and everyone knows me by seeing "the girls".  I have made new "castle" necklace holders too, that are easy and fold-able.  So, here are a few ideas for your next projects.  It also helps a great deal to have a carpenter for a husband and also jot down your ideas somewhere.
 "i have keep my 'girls' they've been with me for quite some time!"
"castle" display for necklaces
hand display for rings, just draw these out and cut them, place on wooden block-paint
I made these out of 2x4 and then painted them and put a distressed nail pattern on them.  These are really simple to make and you can paint them any color.  Also the blocks break down by inserting into the top notch.  So all these are easily transported.  That's a good thing!
Inside shows are rare, but when you do have one, make it an elegant affair!  Your customer will feel pampered and special, and that just makes a better display!
 Table lamps  make an elegant inside display.  Also, make sure your color of your company shows up somewhere, because that is how people can 'spot' you far away, and always have a table drop cover from your table at your booth.  It gives a finished look and looks so professional. 

All of these designs have been hand drawn and cut out and put together by John and myself, so if we can do it, you can too!  Just have fun and be creative!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 galore' jewelry schedule

hey girls,
       well it is a new year of new shows and new colors, new finds, and fresh ideas for galore' jewelry.  i have many new ideas coming out soon, including a new line of handmade jewelry bags and rolls.  ive got more new venues to tell you all about also, so be sure and stay tuned! xoxoxo, san