Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Copper Jewelry - How to Clean and Keep

Hello Jewelry Lovers!

Well, since copper is my drug of choice, I thought it best to tell you how to clean and keep your copper jewelry for years to come!
Here's is an excerpt from the lady that I buy my copper wire, she is really smart:

Solid Copper Jewelry Wire, Half Hard, Round, 22ga, 32.5 feet.

This wire is glossy and shiny, but will patina like copper normally does. This wire is natural and has not been treated with a coating to keep it tarnish free, though it is highly polished and glossy. If you want to maintain it's bright appearance, just dip into a vinegar/salt solution of about 1/2 c. vinegar and a teaspoon of salt mixed together. This is an affordable, safe, Earth-friendly copper cleaner that works wonders! :) If needed, follow up by polishing with a Sunshine Polishing cloth, which I also sell. You can also let it patina naturally until it becomes a nice chocolate caramel walnut color - yum!

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  1. Have to agree with nottoto on the tarnished color. I love it. But I hate the smell of vinegar. Lemon juice as a replacement smells much better and works the same. You can also try gun blue on your copper to give it a great blue sheen.

  2. Thank you, I do love the tarnish'd look as well, sooo rich! But lots of my customers love the bright copper look. So, I will tell them about this technique too!

  3. Thanks for sharing. It's very useful