Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cleaning Sterling Silver galore' Jewelry

Tips For Cleaning "Signature Collection" of galore'
Hello all,This is just some tips to help keep your signature galore' jewelry clean.When you purchase a galore' jewelry signature piece, you will need to take some care to keep your wearable art work clean and safe for years and years of enjoyment.

1. Always keep your galore' jewelry safe in a jewelry box or padded jewelry clutch.
2. When cleaning you galore' jewelry, use warm lightly soapy water. One drop of Ivory white soap(dish liquid or comparable) to cup of warm water.
3. Dip your jewelry into sudsy water and swish gently for about 5-10 minutes.
4. Take out and run under cool water with jewelry in your hand and hang on to it so it doesn't fall into sink and break.
5. Pat dry with towel and air dry about 30 minutes.This will help get rid of the oils and things like that from your body, and will keep your jewelry clean.

Always store your galore' jewelry in a jewelry box that is treated with anti-tarnish finish or you can store sterling silver in plastic bags to help keep tarnish down.For copper see my blog on how to keep copper...

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