Friday, June 10, 2011

Artfire vs. Etsy...Tell Me What YOU Think!

Artfire Is The Way To Go!

Well, etsians and artfire...ians, I believe I have figured out that I like Artfire much better. 
1. It is less expensive.
2.  It doesn't cost to list an item.
3. The forum is easier to work with, and so many people will talk to you and NOT be stuck up!
4. Artfire peeps are mostly crafters.
5. The process of listing does not take as long.
6.  You get 8 pictures to showcase instead of 5.

Anyway,   you have a referal program that is really neat.

blue slab cut quartz crystal on artfire only!


  1. I've been seriously considering going over to Artfire but I hesitate as they do have an almost $10 a month fee (which allows you to list as many items as you wish but they don't collect a commission when it is sold). My fear is that I wouldn't sell anything and for that $9.99 fee I could list a whole lot of stuff on Etsy ... but then things on Etsy have been pretty stagnant with little or no sales, so what to do? I'm still trying to make up my mind.

    And I must admit that I truly hate Etsy’s new forums it has destroyed the camaraderie that Estsians used to have.

  2. I agree with u! Everyone there are so clique-ish now! The pick of front pages seem to be the same ones over and over.