Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still Snowin' In The South?

I know, it sounds bleak down here in good ole' Northern Alabama doesn't it?  But,  I really think it is beautiful and a somewhat refreshing change from all the rain that we do get here in the fall and winter months.  In the meantime, I'm gearing up for the spring show of 2011.  So, out comes the copper and sterling wire and sheets of metal that can and will be molded, hammered, filed,  and formed into what will be soon to come...galore' Spring 2011 Collection.  I always get giddy at the start of major collections and seasons of the year,  it just so happens that the spring is my most favorite collections to work on. Well yes, I know it is for everyone,  new fresh green season and all.  JR has been reading every morning Genesis 1,  "In the beginning, God...
that is all we need to know!  Anyhow, it is great to know that our God is making all things new, all the time!


  1. Amen! Love your green trees with snow! Everything up north is brown and dead before we get snow. =) So that's a different look to me.

  2. these great Magnolia trees are ever and always green here in the winter! Thanks to God!