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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Time In The SUN!

Well, this season has been so HOT in Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee.  But, we fared every day of it, begrudgingly.  I had some good, but some awful shows this summer....whew.  I know now where to go next year for sure!  I'm sending everyone who helped me this summer, hugs and kisses!

For the grace and mercies I receive every day... thanks be to God, my savior, comforter, and friend!

John Reed was and has always been a lifesaver, with out him I would never had made it!  He set me up each time and tore down each time too!  Bless his little heart!  Hope, Bre, John & Melinda, Melanie & Pat, and everyone else I thank you so much for the support too!

Now, off to the Fall 2010 shows....stay tuned!

I love you all!!
john at the Watermelon Festival

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  1. Your tables look amazing! Sorry the shows weren't all that great. Hope you have great success this fall!